Republican subsidiary production
and trade unitary enterprise
"Molochny Gostinets"

220075, Minsk, Partizansky prospect, 170

+375 (17) 397 37 93
+375 (17) 361 67 93 (факс)

Semi-hard cheese

The cheeses of the Malochny Gastsinets and Le Chalet brands consist of one quarter of proteins, which are a building material for muscles, increase immunity, and participate in the process of growth, development and repair of cells. 100 grams of cheese provides a daily intake of calcium, which is good for bones and teeth. The B vitamins contained in cheese have a beneficial effect on blood formation, increase efficiency and promote energy production. Semi-hard and hard cheeses of the Malochny Gaszinets and Le Chalet brands, made according to special recipes using modern technologies, are healthy products with an excellent balanced taste.