Republican subsidiary production
and trade unitary enterprise
"Molochny Gostinets"

220075, Minsk, Partizansky prospect, 170

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Quality management

There is a manufacture management program in manufacture, storage sale and transportation of milk and dairy products, juice and nectars developed and approved by CEO of the company.

The plant’s manufacturing laboratory carries out testing of end products, raw materials, auxiliary materials, as well as product managements during the technological process. It controls compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements for the manufacture of products in all manufacturing sections.

Testings are conducted in accordance with requirements of national and international standards, as well as other technical regulatory legal acts that ensure safety of products for life and health of people. Testings are conducted upon organoleptic, physico-chemical, microbiological and radiometric indicators.

There is a management system aimed at obtaining objective and reliable results of testings developed, implemented and is in operation. The management system is documented in the «Quality Manual» developed in accordance with the requirements of the СТБ ISO/IEC.

The following quality management systems are developed, implemented and certified in the company:

Quality management system of compliance with the requirements of СТБ ISO 9001-2015 towards the development and manufacture of products, milk, juice and nectars processing.

The food safety management system based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) of compliance with the requirements of СТБ 1470-2012 towards manufacture, storage, transportation, wholesale and retail trade of milk processing products, juices and nectars.

The food safety management system for compliance with the requirements of СТБ ISO 22000-2006 towards manufacture and storage of ultra-pasteurized milk without aseptic and aseptic filling, milk, cream and sterilized milk cocktails, ultra-pasteurized cream, curd packed in vacuum, and curd packed in inert gases.

Accreditation certificate of the manufacture laboratory СТБ ISO/IEC 17025-2007.

HALAL certificate


MOTTO:«Through the quality and safety of products to public recognition and prosperity»

Main objectives in the field of the food products quality and safety:

  • receipt of steady profits and increase of welfare of all employees;
  • ensuring the manufacture of consistently high quality products;
  • satisfaction of requirements and expectations of consumers through effective application and continuous improvement of quality and safety systems.

Goals in the field of the food products quality and safety:

  • increase of manufacture of competitive products, expansion of sales markets and increase of sales volumes;
  • constant increase of the products assortment due to development and introduction of new types;
  • rational use and reduction of consumption of fuel and energy resources and water.

Ways to achieve the goals:

  • gradual technical re-equipment and introduction of advanced manufacturing technologies;
  • compliance with to the basic requirements towards the quality management system and the food products safety management system based on the principles of HACCP and consumer requirements in the field of food safety;
  • provision of high quality and safety of products at all stages of their life cycle, starting with raw materials and finishing with the sale of end products;
  • provision of consumers with a full range of services for the products supply;
  • conduction of marketing researches, analysis and improvement of products characteristics that will meet expectations and satisfy consumers;
  • constant improvement of the employees experience level and that of professional skills.

Senior officials of the state enterprise «Molochniy Gostinets» take responsibility for provision of resources necessary for the implementation of food safety goals and objectives, and encourage each employee to take an active part in the implementation of this Policy.

CEO of the state enterprise «Molochniy Gostinets»