Сommunal Unitary Enterprise «MOLOCHNY GOSTINETS»

220075, Minsk, Partizansky prospect, 170

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History and structure of the company

Minsk City Milk Plant No. 2 was commissioned in 1965 with the estimated capacity of 300 tons of processed milk per day, including a processed cheese department with a refrigerator with the capacity of 2,000 tons for storing raw materials and end products.

A leased enterprise named the Minsk City Milk Plant No. 2 was formed in 1989 on the basis of the plant. In 1997 it was transformed into an open joint stock company  «Gormolzavod No. 2».  In early 2001, a dairy production shop located in the village of Mezhdurechye (formerly «Rakovsky Cheese Plant») was affiliated with the company. The shop for the manufacture of sterilized dairy products and natural juice was put into operation in 1997. At the end of 2009 OJSC «Eksmoltekh» was affiliated with the plant.

«Gormolzavod No. 2» OJSC was reorganized by merging with «Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1» OJSC as a subsidiary of «Molochniy Gostinets» of «Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1» OJSC in September 2014.

According to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers dated January 23, 2015 No. 39 «On Acquisition by the Republic of Belarus of ownership of enterprises as property complexes» the subsidiary of «Molochniy Gostinets» of «Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1» OJSC and the subsidiary «Unik-Agro» of «Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1» OJSC were transferred to the republican production and trade unitary enterprise «Molochniy Gostinets» on March 1, 2015.

In order to implement the Program of development of the processing industry of the agro-industrial complex for 20032004 technical re-equipment of the plant was carried out. As a result, the company acquired technological equipment from leading Western European manufacturers. Within several years there have been established lines for the hard cheese production, for the pouring of dairy products into the «Pure-Pak» and «Fin-Pak» packaging, lines for the curd production by the separation method, the «Tetra Pak» (Sweden) line for sterilization and packaging of dairy products and juice, the «Obram» (Poland) curd production line, automatic polymer film vacuum wrapping machine for curd of company «Multivac» (Poland), an electro-dialysis cleaning installation for whey by of JSC «Mega» (Czech Republic), an automated line for production and packaging of the processed cheese («Frans Vermee», Germany), an automated line for aseptic filling and group packaging of milk, dairy products and juice in 0.2 liter portions.

After the reconstruction of the former production spaces of «Eksmoltekh» OJSC in December 2012 a shop for manufacturing and bottling of ultra-pasteurized products in PET bottles was put into operation. Currently the company includes the following structural units:

  • a dairy products department including a segment for sterilized products;
  • a soft and hard cheese department;
  • a processed cheese department;
  • an ultra-pasteurized products department;
  • an end products department with a refrigerating section.

In accordance with the order of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated August 11, 2023 “On the disposal of property” and the decision of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee dated August 22, 2023 No. 791 “On the acceptance of the enterprise as a property complex into the ownership of the Minsk region”, from August 31, 2023 transfer of the republican subsidiary production and trading unitary enterprise «Molochniy Gostinets» from the property of the Republic of Belarus to the property of the Minsk region.

Agricultural manufacturing subsidiary «Unik-Agro»

State Enterprise «Molochniy Gostinets» has an agricultural manufacturing subsidiary «Unik-Agro», located in the village of Zabolotye, Vileyka district. The total land area of the branch is 3,131 hectares. The area of agricultural land is 2,811 hectares including plough land of 2,030 hectares, a garden of 35 hectares, hayfields and pastures of 746 hectares.

The production activity of the branch in the field of animal breeding is concentrated in 3 cattle farms. The total cow population is more than one thousand. The construction of a dairy and commercial complex for 600 heads of a dairy milking herd and a dairy milking block was completed in 2015 in the branch.